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Women’s Fashion: How to Dress with Italian Flair

Italian women are known for their sensual, understated style – Italian Flair . When it comes to fashion, they have a cultural flair of their own that reeks of sophistication and confidence. Sexy, but never disheveled, their dress sense attracts without offending. Take note of the following tips if you want to learn how to wear clothes the Italian way.


Flaunt your assets


Women make the most of their physical qualities while practicing a certain amount of restraint. Hence, you might spy a long-legged beauty with her knees on show, but you won’t catch sight of her upper thighs. At the same time, the women in Italy don’t reveal too many assets in one go. If legs are the main course, there will be no hint of décolletage.


Identify your greatest asset, and aim to ensure other’s know about it too. However, do so in a sophisticated rather than overstated fashion. If you’re wearing a low neckline, for instance, refrain from displaying cleavage, and save displaying your legs for another time.


Don’t be a slave to trends if you want have Italian Flair


Women in some cultures love to be trendy and buy the latest fashion. Italians, however, take a tentative approach to the contents of each season’s popular wardrobe. They might enjoy certain trends but always wear classic pieces too. Thus, you won’t see an Italian lady dressed from head to toe in the newest styles to hit the shops.


Feel free to buy trendy clothes, but see them as extras rather than integral parts of your closet. Also, if you’re sporting the latest jacket style on the market, don’t team it with trendy leggings.


Be selective and subtle


Italian fashion separates can be flamboyant, but they aren’t put together in a single outfit. Instead, colorful or showy clothes are toned down with staid garments that detract from ostentation.


When you wear a bold scarf or a patterned blouse or skirt, team it with a neutral garment. Remember to soften loud clothes with banality when you put outfits together.


Embrace statement pieces


Italian women understand the importance of owning a capsule wardrobe – Italian flair. They buy key quality clothing items to which they add statement pieces. Sometimes a colorful garment may enhance an outfit, but it’s also true that a statement piece may be classic clothing. Such garments are statements despite their subtle qualities because they are elegant.


Instead of adding oomph to an outfit with a bold item like a large necklace or red scarf, consider using a designer, quality garment with panache. A beautifully made jacket, handcrafted belt, or cashmere jumper can lift an outfit and bring relaxed sophistication to your appearance.


Dress for your body shape


Italians are not shy about showing their body shape by wearing clothing that fits their curves in the right places. Outfits aren’t tight, but they do follow the contours of the body. Shapeless garments are considered fashion blunders.


If you shop on the high-street, you might not find too many clothes that fit you well. However, trawl through boutiques and vintage clothing stores, and you are likely to discover clothing that doesn’t conform to one-size fits all philosophy. There you will uncover essential items for your capsule wardrobe onto which you can build using more accessible wear.


Wear chic flats


Women from Italy love stilettoes with pointed toes, but they also adore stylish flats for running around town. People take as much care when selecting chic flat shoes as they do when buying glamourous evening shoes.


Steer clear of everyday flats you can buy in bargain shops. Treat your feet to flats made from quality materials that fit your feet like a dream. Consider too, how well they will go with your clothes.


If you long to steal a little Italian style and dress like Italy’s glamourous womenfolk, avoid brash, over-elaborate garments. Stick to elegant separates, and classic, quality clothing. Also, reveal your assets one at a time and subtly with clothes that skim rather than cling to your figure.



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