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Unique style. How to Always Be in Fashion, No Matter What’s on the Catwalk

Unique style

Keeping up with fashion trends can be tough. You might be too busy to shop or not have a big enough budget. Happily, there is a way to ensure you’re always fashionably dressed, even when you can’t buy what everyone else is wearing.


Time to shine


Have you ever noticed the chicest people have a unique style? They don’t wait for trends to develop; they invent them. These people are trendsetters rather than followers of fashion, and you can be like them. Develop a style instead of attempting to be like everyone else, and you’ll always be trendy.


Uncover your merits


Everyone has hidden gems, or qualities about them waiting to shine. Often, the things they try to hide are what needs to be emphasized if they are to make an impact. Think about the people in the spotlight you admire for their pizzazz. Are they conventionally good-looking? Those deemed fashionable and stylish make the most of their distinctive looks, and even point out what’s different about them:  a gap between front teeth isn’t hidden, wild hair isn’t tamed, and long legs aren’t swamped in material.


Examine your appearance and consider what’s unusual about you. What have you been trying to hide? Could the aspects of your appearance you’ve attempted to play down be your strong points?


Once you’ve uncovered what’s great about you, emphasize it as much as possible. Throw out garments that hide unusual aspects of your looks. Choose clothing that shows off your finest qualities and helps you make an impact.


Put outfits together differently to create unique style


The most glamorous and exciting people on the planet find beautiful garments and accessories and put them together in unusual ways. They don’t dress conservatively. They might choose clothes and styles from yesteryear and pair them with modern clothing and accessories. Also, they experiment, using clothing in ways they were not designed to be worn. For instance, a scarf may become a belt and a belt a bracelet that wraps up the arm of a full-sleeved blouse.


Find your signature garment


Fashionable people have signature clothes. They might always wear an outrageous hat or fitted jacket. Others can recognize them from afar because of how they dress, and no one else looks quite like them. Others may copy, but by the time they do so, it’s obvious where their ideas originated.


You don’t need wealth or the time to trawl fashion stores to be trendy. You can be fashionable if you find your style. Uncover hidden aspects of your looks that set you apart from others, and put outfits together in unusual ways. Also, choose a signature garment, and you’ll shine. Even if the rest of the world are wearing cotton and you’re dressed in silk, you’ll be a chic trendsetter.


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