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8 Crimes of Fashion for Teens

Teens fashion mistakes


Looking good in your clothes is a priority for you, but are you sure you’re making all the right choices when it comes to fashion? You could be guilty of fashion crimes and not even know it.


Check out this list to see if you’re sabotaging your look with one or more of these common fashion mistakes.

You never break the rules.


You’ve been taught your whole life to follow the rules. That’s really important when it comes to activities like going to school and driving. However, fashion is a little bit different.


Many Teens fashion mistakes got rules, like not wearing white after Labor Day, are simply screaming out to be broken.


Go ahead and dress in all bright colors, wear navy and black together or mix your florals. When you find a combination that looks great, wear it with a smile no matter what the rules say. That’s how you find your unique style.

You have failure to fit.


The most important requirement for looking good in your clothes is wearing items that fit. Sizes are unpredictable and can’t be trusted. Just because you wear a certain size in one brand, it doesn’t mean you are the same size in another. Know your measurements before ordering online, and try everything on in stores.


Clothing that is too tight can make you look bigger than you actually are, and you can turn into a shapeless blob in clothing that is too loose. Also keep in mind that you can have a different fit on top than you do on the bottom. Try on several different sizes to get the best fit for your shape, and find cuts that flatter your body type.

You chase the trends.


Fashion trends are fun, but stop and think before you buy an article of clothing just because it’s popular. Ask yourself if you actually like the trend and if the piece truly fits your personal style. Be discriminating about which trends you follow. Sometimes it’s just better to wait and see what comes next.

You’re a slave to labels.


Focusing on designer labels is an efficient way to waste your money. Don’t get hung up on brand names. Instead, search for clothing that suits you and expresses your personality.


If you find a designer piece that you love, it’s worth checking around for a cheaper version. If you can find the same thing for less, you’ll have a lot more money for your next shopping trip.

You black out.


Black is an easy color to wear. It goes with just about anything, and it can make you look slimmer. Unfortunately, these perks are what makes black an addictive color.


If you find that you are consistently choosing items in black or that you’ve become comfortable in black from head to toe, it’s time to shake things up with some color. Try a pink top with your black jeans, or slip a red sweater on over a black dress. You’ll look great, and you’ll probably feel more cheerful too.

You sacrifice your feet.


Do you choose your shoes only by how they look? Stop torturing your feet, and start buying shoes because they are comfortable. There are no shoes cute enough to be worth blisters, scratches and scrunched up toes.

You’re lazy with laundry.


You know that clothing labels have care instructions printed on them, but do you ever read those little gems of wisdom? Different fabrics need to be treated in special ways. If you fail to give an article of clothing the attention it needs, you are taking a risk. You could end up stretching, shrinking, fading or disintegrating your favorite outfits. Take time to read labels on clothing, and follow the instructions. Your clothes will look better and last longer.

You ignore good advice.


You may not think that the adults in your life know anything about clothing, but don’t automatically dismiss fashion suggestions from your parents. Who knows you better than the people who raised you? They’ve been making clothing mistakes a lot longer than you have, and they might just be able to pass on some great tips and guide you in the right direction.


Still making Teens fashion mistakes? Finding a great outfit is a confidence booster, and discovering your own style is fun. Maybe you like a fitted, tailored look, or maybe you like to let your creativity flow through fabric. Whatever your tastes, always be at your best by steering clear of fashion mistakes.


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