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How To Choose the Best Shoes for the Rainy Season

Shoes for the Rainy Season
Shoes for the Rainy Season


As the autumn rain rolls in, it’s time to think about your rainy day wear. Along with a great poncho and umbrella, you’ll need new shoes for rainy season wear. Waterproof shoes make sure your socks and feet stay dry if you have to wade through standing water. Here is what you need to know when looking for rain shoes on Casual Bae.


Check the Material


While some shoes, such as rain boots, specifically point out their water-resistance, you can find some of the best shoes for rain by reading the description. Shoes made of waterproof materials can also be worn in rain while keeping your feet dry. Choosing regular shoes that happen to be waterproof means you don’t have to change shoes after reaching your destination.


One of the best waterproof materials is Gore-Tex. This polymer blend features thermo-mechanical expansion that keeps moisture from penetrating the material. The technique is so effective that this material is also used in medical implants, gaskets and sealants.


Rubber is another great material with the feature that water rolls right off it. That’s why some of the best shoes for rain are made of or include rubber. This rainy season, be on the lookout for rubber shoes that are also fashionable.


Another material that deserves a mention is leather. Technically, leather is water resistant and not waterproof. If you don’t treat leather with a water repellant, then moisture will soak into the top layer and make it look stained. Properly cared for, leather can be waterproof while also allowing your feet to breath.


Caring for Waterproof Shoes


Even shoes that repel water can get dirty. For one thing, mud can dry on your shoes and get caked on. Keeping your rain shoes clean is a matter of buying the right cleaning solution for the job based on the materials you shoe is made from. When it’s time to clean your shoes, remove any laces or other accessories and set them aside. Follow the instructions on the cleaner you bought and note whether your shoes will need some conditioning after drying.


What to Expect During Wear


If your rain shoes are meant for prolonged wear such as when hiking, then you might care about how breathable the material is. This comes from the material used on the outside and inside of the shoe. If you aren’t sure, look at reviews to see what others have to say about the comfort level of the shoes you want.


Breathability also affects how hot your feet get inside the shoe. The best shoes for rain usually have some insulation because it is expected your wet environment will also be a bit chilly. However, for warmer rainy days, consider wearing thinner socks. This lets your body heat escape more easily and can prevent your feet from sweating.


Shoes for the rainy season are a must-have in your fall wardrobe. When you choose your rainy day wear for fashion, material and comfort, you’ll find you enjoy wearing your new items even when it’s sunny and dry. For an invigorating run in the rain, pair your rain shoes with our great active wear.


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