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Say Hello to These 22 Fashion Trends of 2018

Say Hello to These 22 Fashion Trends of 2018


A new year on the calendar means a new year in fashion. Some styles change suddenly while others fade in and out over the years. Whether you prefer a classic, tailored look or something artistic and edgy, there is a trend for you this year. Here are 22 fashion trends of 2018.


Graphic Prints


Popular prints now feature repetition of realistic looking pictures. The prints can be of food items, pets or even art.


Look especially for prints based on retro paintings.


Pink and Red


Who says pink and red don’t match? You’ll see the unusual color combination everywhere this year. Try a hot pink blouse with red pants.


Huge Florals


Florals are almost always in style, and today’s florals are big, bold and bright. Wear them on a jumpsuit from head to toe or buy a pretty, floral top to pair with different pants and skirts.


Flowy White Dresses


When you think of dresses, think innocence, purity and romance. You’ll see long, pretty dresses in whites and ivories this year.


Dressed up Trench

Trench coats have made a big return to the fashion scene, but the look is still evolving. The trench coat right now isn’t the plain affair you’ve seen before. Now it’s all dressed up with frills, ruffles and extra belts.


Daytime Sparkles


There was a time when sequences only came out at night. That tide has turned, and now you can wear your dazzling, sparkling favorites any time of the day.


From tops to pants, sparkles are everywhere.


Shoulder Pads


Yes, the shoulder pad is back. You can make fun of those linebacker shoulders, but they do make your waist look tiny. Choose shoulder pads for jackets and chunky sweaters.


Clear Plastic


One of this year’s top fashion colors is clear. You’ll see right through the clear plastic in items like raincoats and boots.


Big Plaid


Plaid is big this year in more ways than one. You can wear plaid on just about any piece of apparel as long as you make sure the pattern is big.




You’re going to want more than just a hint of glitter on your accessories. Shoes, belts and bags are being covered in glitter so you are sure to shine.


The trick to this look is to pick just one glitter coated focus piece per outfit.


Black and White Polka Dots is one of most popular on Trends of 2018


If you’re overwhelmed by bright color, try going with a more traditional trend. Black and white polka dots are a classic pattern that is popular right now.


Fuzzy Jackets


No animals are harmed in the making of this outerwear. Furry jackets are fun, and they should look fake. It’s like wearing a teddy bear.


Wide Leg Pants


Skinny jeans are no longer the look of the moment. Instead, pant legs will be so wide that they will be hard to distinguish from skirts.


Structured Fanny Packs


Fanny packs are back, but they aren’t the shapeless blobs that were so popular 30 years ago. Modern fanny packs look like you have a tiny purse strapped around your waist.




Soften the bold colors this year with pastels. You’ll see pretty pieces in shades like mint, lavender and palest pink.


Dark Denim


Denims are getting darker. The hottest shade is a blue so dark that it’s almost black. You can rock this look from head to heels in a matching jacket and jeans or a denim dress.




These little French hats will be all over fashion forward heads this year.


Patent Leather


Shiny patent leather is a fabric choice that makes a statement. It’s typically seen in black but can be found in bold colors as well.


Square Necklines


Rounded necklines will be getting some edges this year. The neckline of the year is square, which is flattering to a variety of shapes and can go deep or shallow.




This colorful symbol of joy is a detail you’ll see on many different types of fashion. Rainbows just make people happy.


Parachute Belts


Parachute belts close in a way that can be easily loosened or tightened, and they will be featured on all types of outfits.


For an especially trendy look, wear more than one parachute belt or buy a long one and wrap it around your body multiple times.


Elbow length gloves


Go glamorous with elegant gloves that stretch to your elbows. You can wear the traditional white or get creative with all kinds of colors.


Fashions change, and trends rise and fall. From basic to glam, these are 22 top fashion trends for 2018. Which of them best suits your personal style, and which will find a place in your wardrobe this year?


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