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Save Money This Summer – 5 Great Ideas for a Fun Staycation

Save Money This Summer – 5 Great Ideas for a Fun Staycation

Fun Staycation

If you do not have thousands of dollars for a family vacation this summer, you are not alone. With the cost of living on the rise and wages stagnating, more and more families are being priced out of costly hotels, expensive flights and other travel essentials.

You do not have to let that lack of funds ruin your summer fun. A staycation is a wonderful alternative to a cross-country flight or long road trip. Exploring your own backyard can be a lot of fun, and a great way to promote family togetherness. Best of all, once you find your favorite hidden gems, you can visit again and again, without breaking the bank or going into debt. Here are five great ideas for a fun family staycation.

Explore the local museums — Great museums are not the exclusive province of big cities, so get out and explore. There are some exceptional small museums, and lots of unusual collections, scattered all over the country.

Enjoy the local theater scene — Buying season tickets to your local theater gives you a year’s worth of nights out, all at a cost you can afford. From musicals and dramas to kid-friendly fare, local theaters provide an excellent entertainment value, and a great way to make your staycation last.

Stage a family paintball or laser tag tournament — Laser tag and paintball are great family fun, so why not book a local venue for a full-scale tournament. Whether the grownups play the adults or siblings take on siblings, you can enjoy the spirit of healthy competition – and get some healthy exercise.

Have a campout in the backyard — You do not need an expensive tent or fancy camping equipment to enjoy the great outdoors. All you need is a backyard and a sense of adventure. Just pitch a tent, lay out the sleeping bags and get ready for family fun. You can even make homemade s’mores and roast marshmallows over your homemade fire pit.

Tour a local factory — Factory tours are lots of fun, and you may even get some goodies at the end. From chocolate factories to microbreweries, there is nothing like getting an inside look at the local industries, and the free chocolate and beer doesn’t hurt either.

If money is tight this year, you do not have to spend a fortune on a fancy family vacation. Just grab your sense of adventure, explore the local area and get ready for a fun staycation that can last all summer long.


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