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Laser Hair Removal – Safely and Effectively Deal with Your Unwelcome Hair

How To Deal With

Your Unwelcome Hair

Laser Hair Removal – Safely and Effectively 

Unwelcome Hair. Hair growth is normal and healthy across nearly all parts of the human body, but this doesn’t always mean it’s welcome. Many people have more facial or body hair than they’d like, or have it in places where they want none at all and are looking for ways to remove it.


The usual methods of shaving and waxing are OK for routine hair control. Sometimes a more permanent solution is desired, however, which is where laser hair removal comes in.


How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?


Laser hair removal works by focusing small but powerful pulses of light onto the treatment area’s hair follicles. These laser beams heat the hair roots and kill them off, stopping further growth, and causing the hairs to fall out by themselves over the next few weeks.


Does it Hurt?


The process is far less painful than it sounds. Although the hairs are burned efficiently away, the laser beam is tightly focused directly on the follicle, and so doesn’t harm the surrounding skin. Most people report feeling sensations from a slight tingling up to a mild stinging. On heavily treated areas, there may be some tenderness and swelling in the skin afterward.


Use of cooling gels will reduce any discomfort during the treatment, and numbing lotions and creams can be applied once the session is complete. However, only use these creams under the supervision of the technician; covering too large an area of skin with painkilling ointments can be extremely dangerous.

Effectiveness of Laser Hair Removal


Laser treatment is effective at killing hairs that are actively growing. Once the hair has been killed, any regrowth will usually be with a fine, almost invisible hair. However, not all hair follicles are in the growth stage at the same time, so several sessions will be needed to complete the treatment.


Number of Sessions


The number of sessions will depend on how densely the hair is growing, how coarse each hair is, how quickly it grows, and whether you want to thin out the hair or remove it almost entirely. Most people see good results after around three treatments, with seven being the average total.


Can Anyone Have the Treatment?


In the early days of laser hair removal, it wasn’t suitable for people with darker skins, as the risk of burning was too high. After decades of refinement, the technique is now perfectly safe for all skin types and shades. However, some people have skin that’s highly sensitive to lasers, so it’s recommended to test a small, covered area before starting significant treatment on a prominent part of your body.


Which Parts of the Body Can be Treated?


The treatment is safe across the whole body, including for facial hair. However, the technician must take care in particularly sensitive areas, such as around the eyes.


Are There Any Risks?


Apart from the slight risk of swelling with highly sensitive skin, laser treatment is entirely safe so long as it’s carried out by a reputable, trained technician. There is no need for recovery time after a session, although you should take care when in the sun for the first few days, and there’s no need for medical supervision. Some myths have grown up about the lasers causing damage to internal organs or leading to skin cancer, but neither of these has any truth to them at all.


All people are naturally hairy to different degrees. However, if you’d preferably reduce the amount of hair you have in certain places, or obviate the need for regular shaving and waxing, laser treatment is an effective and safe treatment that’s been refined to a fine art in the decades since its invention.



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