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Kay Alexander Cosmetics’ Lipstick Shades of 2018

Kay Alexander Cosmetics’ Lipstick Shades of 2018


This classy deep red is the perfect shade to pair with your favourite evening dress. The next time you attend a wedding, reach for this lipstick to top off your gorgeously posh look.


Let your co-workers know you mean business with this bold yet elegant red. It will give you a professional and confident appearance in the office, and it’s perfect for all-day wear with its hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, paraben-free, and ultra-hydrating formula.


Have you been searching for that one bright and sexy colour that will make any outfit pop? Look no further than this highly pigmented orangey red, an absolute must-have for your next girl’s night out.


Before you head out to run errands like the productive gal you are, treat yourself to this pretty light plum shade. Wear it with your favourite casual outfit to add a little fun to your daytime routine.


Impress your friends and family with this pastel mauve lipstick the next time you go out for brunch. A soft yet bold daytime shade, it’s especially ideal during the spring season.


This lipstick will become your go-to for exuding confidence and sophistication. Indulge in this alluring plum colour on your next dinner date.


Look good and feel good all night long with this hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and paraben-free formula. Wear this daringly dark matte lipstick to your next gala or formal evening celebration.


Show off your effortless natural beauty with this matte beige lipstick. Wear it the next time you’re heading to the beach to complete your sultry, relaxed look.


Embody innocence and sweetness with this traditional pink, the perfect lipstick for making a good impression on your boyfriend’s loved ones. Pamper your lips with its hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and paraben-free formula before attending dinner with his family.


Wear this simple red when you have an eventful and unpredictable day ahead. It’s the ultimate shade for transitioning seamlessly between “daytime neutral” and “nighttime bold.”


Take the opportunity to show off your carefree side by wearing this summery peach shade to an outdoor picnic. It’s the perfect lipstick to apply before a day of fun in the sun.


Forget the coffee; this eye-popping peach is sure to give you a dose of energy while you’re busy working on a creative task. Whether it’s brainstorming for an upcoming work project or planning an event, get some artsy inspiration with this stimulating shade.


Every girl needs a neutral lipstick that reflects her professional attitude and intelligence. Own your cool, calm, and collected demeanour with this shade during your next job interview or workplace meeting.


Channel your inner child with this stunning baby pink. Whether you’re young at heart or more conservative, wear it the next time you’re planning on spending the day at an amusement park to immerse yourself in the adventure ahead!


Express yourself by applying this brilliant pink the next time you attend a concert. Not only will it set the mood for a night of singing your heart out, it’s sure to make you stand out from the crowd.


Feeling love-struck? This pink shade is ideal for when you’re attending a romantic and creative event. Wear it the next time you go to a play or movie with your significant other and become the star of the show.


Start your day with confidence when you apply this classic shade. Gorgeous and fitting for every season and occasion, get ready to make this pretty neutral pink your new everyday lipstick whether you’re heading to work or spending the day with friends.


Nothing says “trendsetter” like this berry pink shade. Apply it before you go shopping for some fashion inspiration, and don’t forget to own every outfit you try on.


Work hard, play hard: Celebrate the weekend or your next day off work with this daring bright pink. This colour will reflect your wild side and rebellious spirit no matter what your plans are.



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