Summertime trend

Hi everyone! Today I want to recommend you one of my favorite things for summer – high waist shorts! I want to show you what seems very beautiful for me with them.

First of all, you will look very gorgeous with them! Do not be afraid to show your beautiful legs, girls!! Also, I promise, that these sneakers will always be comfortable ant good looking! Crop top is also very sexy – do not be afraid of your tanned skin – show it to the world! And do not forget these amazing sunglasses which is one of the best things these days!

If you liked it – I am looking forward to see you with these things! xoxo

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Spending free time in comfortable fit

Today I was spending my free Sunday time with my dog, so I decided to show you what fits best for me to feel comfortable and beautiful at the same time. I chosen this comfortable set and sneakers from http://amazon.com Much as going on walk – you can choose this outfit for vacation.

Starting from shoes – this is my one of the favorites sneakers. You can choose color and it will look absolutely amazing.

Also, this two pieces set won’t make you feel constrained, it fits perfectly for free time.

Of course, don’t forget little backpack – put it on your shoulders and go! http://casualbae.com

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