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How to Make a Flight with Children as Comfortable as Possible

How to Make a Flight with Children as Comfortable as Possible

Flight with Children is very hard…Your vacation should not have to be an anxious and stressful experience, especially when you are on a long flight with your children. With some measures and planning in place, you can improve your chances of having a stress-free flight for the entire family. Here are several tips you can adopt for traveling in the air with kids.

Make Yourself Comfortable

When it comes to an overnight flight, you can be expected to experience long hours of being seated and mostly stationary. You want to make yourself as comfortable as possible for the long hours in which you will be seated. You can start by wearing comfortable clothes, try out a soft T-shirt, yoga pants, a large sweatshirt, and a warm pair of socks. Be sure your shoes can be removed during the flight.

Stock Up on Snacks

The vacation can start as early as arriving to the airport. During this juncture, it can be easy to overlook what you eat. This may come back to hurt you when you are in-flight and your stomach begins acting up. Before you get on the plane, be sure to stock up on healthier, stomach-friendly snacks. In addition, avoid foods heavy on sugar or carbs. It is also necessary to stay hydrated during the flight and have your children drink water instead of soda or juice.

Flight with Children ? Have Movies Available

Sometimes, kids have trouble falling asleep. When sleep is necessary, bring some movies along for the flight to prevent them from getting into trouble. You can load them into an iPad or phone in case there are not outlets available. You can also bring a portable charger if the battery dies during the middle of the movie.

Schedule Dinner at the Right Times

Overnight flights, depending on the airline, may offer foods served late at night, after the kids have fallen asleep. However, some hungry kids may not sleep. You can keep an extra snack on hand in case they do become hungry and restless. If they are awake after providing them your snack, check if there are meals available during the late hours.

Get Comfortable for a Good Night of Sleep

When it comes time to hit the sack, be sure everyone has what they need. You can use a light, blanket, or pillow of your own for your children to sleep on during long flights. Neck pillows can also be used to prevent them from leaning on you for the entire length of the flight. If your child needs more darkness to sleep, consider using eye masks. Most of the time, you may not need them since planes will shut down most of their lights during the late hours. Once morning hits, the light quickly returns and eye masks can help kids sleep for a while longer.

Plan Some Creative Activities

If the kids are having difficulties trying to sleep, you can plan out a quiet activity to do that does not involve electronics. Some suggestions include coloring books, markers, and crayons. Be sure to bring along your own supply of paper in case they make a mistake. Games are also quiet activities to keep the kids busy. Instead of the mobile or electronic ones, bring simple ones such as sticker books, jigsaw puzzles, or board games. They can also bring their own toys to occupy themselves without disturbing their sleeping siblings.

Flight with Children ? Keep Things Routine

Finally, before your children get settled for bedtime in flight, try to replicate as much of their home routines as possible. You can bring them to the restroom to brush their teeth and rinse their face. If they enjoy bedtime stories, then bring along a book to read to them. You can also download digital books onto your tablet to save space on your bags and luggage. Once they are ready to sleep, tuck them in with a blanket and make the experience as “homey” as possible. The more you make the flight feel like home, the better the experience you and your family will have.


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