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What You Need To Know About Fall 2018’s Fashion Trends

Fall 2018 fashion trends

fall 2018 fashion trends
fall 2018 fashion trends

The turning of a season means rotating your closet of staples. It is also time to add some pieces inspired by fall 2018 fashion trends. Casual Bae can help you fill out your fall rotation with blazers, dresses and more. Our trendy clothes are always inspired by the latest autumn fashion buzz from popular designers. It is never too early – or late – to grab some great fall trends, so here are some features to look for while shopping.

Ruffles and Patterns

White prairie dresses were a staple this summer and fall will continue this trend. Look for your favorite ruffled styles to sport plaid, houndstooth or herringbone for a new twist on this classic. Recent fashion shows also sported subtle animal print motifs that translate well to balloon sleeves and smocks. With a few fitted sections, you can still show of your curves.

Choosing the right ruffles and print for the occasion is important. For example, when you are a guest at a wedding, avoid patterns that stand out. You don’t want to overshadow the bride, so choose a pale plaid or subtle checkered pattern with ruffles large enough to stand stiff but not so large they wave in the wind like a fan.

Tailored and Unique

While dresses and blouses focus on billowy effects, suits and blazers remain closely tailored. This can make coordinating an outfit difficult if you want to wear something billowy under your blazer since you do not want to crush your ruffles. Look for blouses that have less ornamentation on the shoulders and instead fall loosely after the most tailored part of your jacket, usually the bottom of your ribcage.

Another thing to notice about fall 2018 fashion trends is a further shift away from active wear as fashion. Keep your active wear at the gym and dress it up even if you are just meeting your friends for coffee or a movie. Dressing above the requirements of the occasion looks good if you are on a job hunt and happen upon a potential employer.

Asymmetry and Details

Tops and dresses can be found this fall with multiple asymmetric details to draw attention exactly where you want it. Highlight your waist with dresses that gather on one side or bring attention higher up with an asymmetric neckline. While napkin skirts will not be seen as much this season, you can look for asymmetry in your hemline through a one-sided slit.

Detailed fabrics are also the highlight of the 2018 fall season. Most prominent is ruching which adds an element of dimension to your clothes. This texture also emphasizes the contours of your form and is a great way to mix things up when you need a break from your ruffles.

Have fun putting together your fall wardrobe with plenty of ruffles, tailoring and details. Wear some low-contrast plaid or striking herringbone to showcase your fashion savvy. Be daring with a mix of fitted and flowing pieces that highlight everything you love about your body. Why not start your fall off with one of our fashionable jackets?

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