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Why Couples Should Exercise Together?

Why Couples Should Exercise Together


Exercise Together! Exercising with your partner will not only strengthen your muscles, it will also strengthen your love. Why take your date to the movies when you could hike mountains, climb walls, kayak rivers, or take a midnight bike ride? Don’t those options sound much more exciting?


Couples who work out together will have a happier and healthier relationship than those who stick to solo workouts or don’t exercise at all. Working out has its own list of endless benefits such as better health, reduced stress, improved memory, and a longer lifespan. Imagine sharing all these with your loved one.


Keep in mind that you don’t need to share every workout routine with your partner. It could easily get frustrating when one person wants to work out while the other wants to leave the gym early or doesn’t want to go at all. However, the occasional ropes course, spin class, or Zumba session can make a huge difference in your relationship and happiness. Still not convinced? Read these amazing reasons as to why you should exercise together:


Both of you will be happier together. Exercise naturally stimulates the “feel good hormones” called endorphins which boost your energy and joy. Couples on an endorphin high will both feel elated and satisfied with themselves and each other. A University of Vermont study discovered that just 20 minutes of exercise can increase positive feelings for up to 12 hours.


A workout partner keeps you accountable. Motivation is a tricky thing and it can feel nearly impossible to convince yourself to go to the gym. However, having someone else who expects you to come makes it incredibly difficult to turn down. Plus, both people can set goals and plan routines together.


You will fight lessWorking out is an excellent way to relieve stress. Every relationship, no matter how picture perfect it seems to outsiders, always has its fair share of arguments. All couples get into occasional fights. Luckily, reducing stress and anxiety will help quell many future arguments. Fitness will make you feel calm, relaxed, and clear-headed. Preventing conflicts will help the relationship thrive. In fact, a University of Carolina study found that about one-fifth of divorces could’ve been prevented if both parties ran more often due to exercise’s anger-reducing effects.


Both people will feel more confident. Insecurities stem from a lack of self-esteem and can worsen a relationship. Someone who sees themselves as unattractive or awkward will usually seek validation in their partner. If they don’t receive that validation, it can lead to behaviors such as incessant calling or texting, checking the other person’s private messages, and other clingy actions. Boost your self-esteem to strike down your insecurities.


You will have similar diets. Choosing where to eat can be a major source of conflict in any relationship. One person might want to go to Outback Steakhouse and the other to Burger King. Physically active people tend to change their eating habits to match their lifestyle. Soon, you and your loved one will be eating more salads and drinking more smoothies.




Working out isn’t just great for your mind and body; it can also deepen your love and improve your relationship. Take your date to a yoga class, Tough Mudder, or trampoline gym. Your body and your relationship will thank you for it.




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