Casual prom dresses

Casual prom dresses


Let On-Trend Fashion Star at Your Spring Formal


Spring is coming, and with it, the chance to embrace this year’s trendy, flirty looks. It’s a great time to update your everyday wardrobe, and also the perfect chance to start thinking about a dress for your spring formal. As you can see in this overview of spring fashion trends, accessories and prints are gaining popularity, while maxi-lengths and the boho-chic look are falling out of favor. Casual prom dresses can fit in perfectly with this year’s fashion trends, especially if you take the time to accessorize.


Capitalize on Comfort


While bohemian-inspired fashions may be on the way out, it doesn’t mean you can’t create a stunning outfit that is still comfortable. Consider sticking with a classic silhouette, such as an A-line, which can be flattering on all body types and rarely requires specialized undergarments.


Choosing the right shoes is essential when creating a stylish and comfortable formal look. Fortunately, casual prom dresses don’t require sky-high heels. Ditch the stilettos and go with a pair of dressy flats instead. You can find styles with numerous attention-grabbing details, including:


  • Sparkles
  • Bows
  • Metallics
  • Pearlescent colors


Add a couple well-chosen accessories that match your shoes, and you’ll be ready to dance all night without sacrificing comfort.


Pick Your Pastel


Soft pastel colors are poised to be extremely favored this year. Continuing its popularity from previous seasons, millennial pink should continue to dominate trends in everything from fashion to home decor. If pink isn’t your style, you can find a prom dress in another pastel color, such as soft green or yellow. Baby blue and light shades of purple are also great choices, as they can be flattering for many skin tones and create a seamless transition from bold winter fashions to the breezy looks of summer.


Think a pastel dress will make it hard to stand out? You can get just the right amount of pop by choosing a style with a couple eye-catching details. Ruffles are coming back into fashion, and they can be perfect on a formal dress as they shimmer and gracefully drape when you move. If you want some sparkle instead, you’re in luck: sequins are showing up on all sorts of evening wear, including casual prom dresses. If you don’t favor the disco-ball look, choose a gown with a small sequined accent.


Embrace the Past


Many fashion trends from previous decades are making their way back to the runway this year. Fringe is especially popular and appears on everything from T-shirts to purses to evening gowns. Casual prom dresses can pair well with a sophisticated fringed clutch or wrap.


Be True to Your Style


As you’re browsing for the perfect gown and looking for the accessories that will complete the look for your spring formal, remember the most important aspect of your outfit is personality. Taking the trends and making them work for your own unique style is what can truly make for an unforgettable look. Casual prom dresses can allow you to feel confident and comfortable while creating a perfect canvas for unique accessories. Keep up with CasualBae to find the style tips you need to make fashion trends your own.

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Visiting The UK? What Clothes Should You Pack for the British Weather?

Visiting The UK? Don’t Know Which British Weather Clothes Are Suitable?

British weather clothes… If you’re planning a trip to the UK, you may be wondering what clothes to pack for British weather. The country is well-known for its miserably wet climate, of course, and you’ve probably got your umbrella packed ready, but it’s more complicated than that – you could be in for a heatwave, or at least a dry spell. Then again, you might hit a spate of thunderstorms or a vicious attack of hail – even in summer. The real problem with the British weather is that it’s unpredictable, so use this general guide to help you prepare for all possibilities.


British weather clothes for Spring – Spring takes a while to get going in the UK, so if you’re travelling there in March, April or May when the spring flowers are out, be prepared for icy showers as well as warm sunshine. Bring a reliable waterproof coat and plenty of warm layers to wear underneath. Even May can be cloudy and chilly, but be ready for scorching days in between.


British weather clothes for Summer – This is probably the most unpredictable season in the UK. There’s always a gorgeous, hot spell or two somewhere in the season, but there’s no knowing when, so if you’re visiting between May and early September, bring your summer clothes, but slip a raincoat, long-sleeved top and sweater in your bag, too. On sunny days, the heat is usually dry and pleasant, especially in the early mornings and the long, light evenings. Take a light jacket for after-dark, outdoor parties.


British weather clothes for Autumn – September to mid-November is a time of turbulent weather in the UK. Expect thunderstorms and wild gales one day and calm, blue skies the next, and perhaps a blanket of fog or a steady drizzle of rain the day after that. But autumn is always chilly, and as winter approaches, you’ll be glad of your hood or hat, thick socks and sturdy shoes. Wellies would be useful, too, but are cumbersome to travel with, so buy them over there.


British weather clothes for Winter – In the UK, winter kicks in during the second half of November and lasts until about the end of February, so if your stay is scheduled for that time, wrap up ready. You’ll feel the cold air bite as you step out of your hotel door, so bring your thermals and all your winter accessories – hat, scarf, gloves and substantial shoes or boots. The roads are often icy and occasionally snow-covered at this time, and freezing fog is common, but there will be bright, sunny days to enjoy, too.


Regional variations


If you’re heading to Scotland, be prepared for cold temperatures and extreme weather at all times of year. But summer has its heat-waves and beautiful, warm days, too, even that far north, so take T-shirts and shorts then, as well as sweaters and rainwear. On fine, summer days, the light lasts late into the evening in Scotland, so you’ll want to be dressed to enjoy it.


Wales is known for its rain, but is conveniently mild, with a fair amount of sunshine, too. London and the southeast are relatively dry and crisp, but you’ll still need your rainwear. If you’re on the lookout for the warmest, mildest place, head to the south coast.


The simple solution is to take clothes for all weathers. Pack garments of different thicknesses that you can pile on and pull off as need be, with rain-wear to go on top, and you’ll be fine. If you’re prepared for whatever the skies bring, you can g enjoy the UK’s sights and scenes to the full.




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8 Crimes of Fashion for Teens

Teens fashion mistakes


Looking good in your clothes is a priority for you, but are you sure you’re making all the right choices when it comes to fashion? You could be guilty of fashion crimes and not even know it.


Check out this list to see if you’re sabotaging your look with one or more of these common fashion mistakes.


  1. You never break the rules.


You’ve been taught your whole life to follow the rules. That’s really important when it comes to activities like going to school and driving. However, fashion is a little bit different.


Many Teens fashion mistakes got rules, like not wearing white after Labor Day, are simply screaming out to be broken.


Go ahead and dress in all bright colors, wear navy and black together or mix your florals. When you find a combination that looks great, wear it with a smile no matter what the rules say. That’s how you find your unique style.


  1. You have failure to fit.


The most important requirement for looking good in your clothes is wearing items that fit. Sizes are unpredictable and can’t be trusted. Just because you wear a certain size in one brand, it doesn’t mean you are the same size in another. Know your measurements before ordering online, and try everything on in stores.


Clothing that is too tight can make you look bigger than you actually are, and you can turn into a shapeless blob in clothing that is too loose. Also keep in mind that you can have a different fit on top than you do on the bottom. Try on several different sizes to get the best fit for your shape, and find cuts that flatter your body type.


  1. You chase the trends.


Fashion trends are fun, but stop and think before you buy an article of clothing just because it’s popular. Ask yourself if you actually like the trend and if the piece truly fits your personal style. Be discriminating about which trends you follow. Sometimes it’s just better to wait and see what comes next.


  1. You’re a slave to labels.


Focusing on designer labels is an efficient way to waste your money. Don’t get hung up on brand names. Instead, search for clothing that suits you and expresses your personality.


If you find a designer piece that you love, it’s worth checking around for a cheaper version. If you can find the same thing for less, you’ll have a lot more money for your next shopping trip.


  1. You black out.


Black is an easy color to wear. It goes with just about anything, and it can make you look slimmer. Unfortunately, these perks are what makes black an addictive color.


If you find that you are consistently choosing items in black or that you’ve become comfortable in black from head to toe, it’s time to shake things up with some color. Try a pink top with your black jeans, or slip a red sweater on over a black dress. You’ll look great, and you’ll probably feel more cheerful too.


  1. You sacrifice your feet.


Do you choose your shoes only by how they look? Stop torturing your feet, and start buying shoes because they are comfortable. There are no shoes cute enough to be worth blisters, scratches and scrunched up toes.


  1. You’re lazy with laundry.


You know that clothing labels have care instructions printed on them, but do you ever read those little gems of wisdom? Different fabrics need to be treated in special ways. If you fail to give an article of clothing the attention it needs, you are taking a risk. You could end up stretching, shrinking, fading or disintegrating your favorite outfits. Take time to read labels on clothing, and follow the instructions. Your clothes will look better and last longer.


  1. You ignore good advice.


You may not think that the adults in your life know anything about clothing, but don’t automatically dismiss fashion suggestions from your parents. Who knows you better than the people who raised you? They’ve been making clothing mistakes a lot longer than you have, and they might just be able to pass on some great tips and guide you in the right direction.


Still making Teens fashion mistakes? Finding a great outfit is a confidence booster, and discovering your own style is fun. Maybe you like a fitted, tailored look, or maybe you like to let your creativity flow through fabric. Whatever your tastes, always be at your best by steering clear of fashion mistakes.



Teens fashion mistakes are not solved? Check our ideas for outfits down below

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Beautiful Fuller Figure Swimwear

Beautiful Fuller Figure Swimwear


If you’re heading to the beach on your next vacation, you’ll be looking forward to a refreshing splash in the sea and some serious sunbathing. But perhaps you’re one of the many women who feel uncomfortable about stripping down to a swimsuit or bikini in public. Exposing a full figure or unwanted roll of flesh can be particularly tricky for some women, but if that’s your worry, you can forget it right now, because a full figure can look stunning in swimwear. All you need is a little reassurance and inspiration, which you’ll find here. There are all sorts of beautiful designs to complement the plus-size figure, so here’s a quick summary, to set you catalog-browsing:


Skirts and fringes


A popular option for the fuller figure is a swimsuit with a light flounce over the hips, which will give you a graceful curve, softening the outline of your waist and lower body. For more coverage, choose a costume with a more extended skirt, overhanging flounce or a coverup dress in a light fabric. Swimsuits or bikini bottoms that extend into shorts offer another stylish solution for thigh cover, and you’ll also find costumes with extensions at the top end, over the cleavage, which some women welcome.


Floaty sleeves for Fuller Figure Swimwear


There are plenty of beachwear designs that provide arm cover, should you be interested. You’ll find swimsuits with light, dainty drapes over the shoulders, and others with loose sleeves of various lengths that will billow prettily in the sea breeze. For extra covering, keep a fine, chiffon shawl or lacy scarf handy to throw over your shoulders.


Contours and shapely patterns for Fuller Figure Swimwear


A streamlined pattern or contour line will give your figure a slim look, and you’ll find plenty of designs from which to choose. Downward stripes, streaks or beaded ribs are particularly useful, especially with an inward curve at the waist. A strip of contrasting color across the collarbone can also help, adding shape to the breast line. Some designs provide a tapering effect by being paler at the top and darker below.  A brightly patterned fabric will also draw attention away from your body while adding a festive, holiday look.


Elegant accessories for Fuller Figure Swimwear


A broad, flowing sash around the waist will draw the eye away from your figure and also obscure unwanted bulges in the area. Some swimsuits offer this accessory, but you can equally well provide your own. Make sure it’s long, wide, and flowing so that it can swing down generously over hip and thigh. A long, light cape or jacket will also add grace while veiling the body.  Many swimwear designs include fluttery collars, fringes, and borders, arranged strategically for different effects, but you could also supply your own, in the form of ribbons, tassels, scarves, wrap-over skirts and other light accessories. You may wish to show one part of your body while covering another, so look for a fringe that serves your needs. A wide-brimmed sunhat will also be kind to the figure, bathing shoulders, neck, and breast in dappled shade.


With all these gorgeous possibilities to complement your figure, you’ll be itching to choose your holiday beachwear. Browse online or in the stores for your favorite garments, making sure the price suits you as well as the outfit. Then you can head to the beach and strip down, not just with confidence, but with pride.


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Fabulous First Date Fashion Trends

Fabulous First Date Fashion Trends

What comes before happily ever after? Among other things, your first date.

Do you have trouble deciding what to wear when you may be meeting the love of your life? Here are 6 fashion trends that are terrific choices for a first date. Try one the next time you’re getting ready to go out with someone new.

Give him the cold shoulder. 

Bare shoulders are a fun fashion trend that you can dress up or down. For a more formal evening out, choose a sleeveless top in a silky fabric with a neckline that runs just across the top of your bust. Wear it with sleek, black pants and a pair of pumps.

If your date is casual, pull on a sweater with cut-outs where the shoulders should be. Pair it with straight-leg jeans and platform shoes.

Bare shoulders are a perfect look for the first date because they are a little bit sexy but not too suggestive.

Wear romantic ruffles. Be Fabulous First!

Ruffles are a great look for an outfit that shows off your softer, feminine side.

Ruffles at the hem of a shirt or down the side give some romance to a standard T-shirt. You can wear a casual, ruffled top with shorts or jeans and sneakers.

Look great on a lunch date in a skirt that features ruffles at the hem. Pair it with a lacy cardigan or a blazer.

Put on a poncho. 

When there’s a chill in the air, but it’s too warm for a coat, try a wonderful poncho. It can be dressed up or down, depending on your destination and is a great layering piece when you aren’t sure how much warmth you will want.

Wear a long, flowy poncho over a light dress or skirt, or throw it on over your favorite jeans.

Show your style in stripes. 

Stripes are a fashion staple that brings some fun to a tailored style. Wear a nautical sweater with horizontal, navy stripes over a pair of crisp khakis or white pants to a cultural date at the library or a museum.

For a picnic date, put on a casual, belted dress with stripes that alternate from horizontal to diagonal. Pair it with a white sweater and some pretty sandals.

Sport a skinny scarf. 

The skinny scarf is a trendy accessory that can be worn in a variety of ways. Take a tip from an aviator, and wear yours tied in a pretty knot around our neck when you meet someone for coffee. Or let it hang loosely around your neck over a low-cut blouse when you are out for drinks after dinner.

Look marvelous in micropleats. 

Micropleats give your style some energy and a zest for life. Wear a full, micropleated skirt that you can twirl in at an outdoor concert. Or choose an artistic top with micropleat details to show off your creative side at an art fair or an outdoor market.

When it comes to dressing for a first date, these trends will help you make a terrific first impression. Choose the looks that best showcase your unique personality, and maybe you’ll find yourself choosing an outfit for a great second date as well.

Be Fabulous First!



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Trend Forecast 2018: Fashion

Trend forecast 2018

This year saw many exciting new trends appear on the fashion scene. Gingham was given a sexy new makeover for spring, and summer was awash with sky-high heels and oversize jewelry. 2017 was characterized by the return of sleek hemlines, polished office wear and minimal, feminine casual wear in neutral hues. 2018 is shaping up to be just as exciting, with several hints from designers as to what can be expected in the coming months.


Wine Gothic

This year saw a heavy resurgence in 1990s-inspired fashion, with dark lips, smoky eyes, chokers and crop tops popularized by celebrities such as Kylie Jenner. 2018 will see a movement away from matte black monotones, as the trend takes on more colors. Berry purples, decadent reds and even rich forest greens will highlight this trend.


Parisian Minimalist

Powered by fashion bloggers, this trend has triggered an explosion of interest on social media, particularly Pinterest, as American and British bloggers adopt the continental practice of keeping wardrobe items to a minimum and purchasing classic, high-investment pieces. The philosophy behind it evokes timelessness, ease of travel, and a backlash against consumerism. This trend can be easily copied with a pair of black ankle boots, black skinny jeans, a neutral T-shirt and waterfall blazer.


Rib Knits

Touted as the new texture for 2018, and again following from the 90’s trend, chunky rib knits may well explode on the scene in the new year. Expect floor-length knit skirts, crop tops and accessories to embrace this trend.



The bohemian trend is far from over, with the style moving into Moroccan territory. Terra cotta colors, rich marsala, stunning blues and purples adorned with beads and tassels will evoke exotic luxury on holiday and on the high street in the summer months of 2018. Sandals, bangles, bucket bags and beach wave hair will accompany this richly textured trend in the spring/summer, while blanket scarves, smoky makeup, gold accessories and leather boots will characterize the Moroccan trendsetter in the fall and winter. Summer trend

Neon Tie-Dye

Whether you loved or hated the neon tribal trend, it is back in a new light. Neon colors will steer away from the monochromatic ethnic prints that characterized festival wear this year, and pair with dreamy, blurred tie-dye patterns to create hippie flair with a new edge. Expect flared jeans with bright alterations, fluorescent jewelry, floral prints in stunning colors and jelly flats.


Fashion trends in 2018 are expected to be bold, unique and off the wall. While mostly pre-empted by several popular 2015 trends, it looks as though 2018 will be entirely individual, and promise fresh looks for fashion lovers everywhere.


Show Off Your Fashion Sense with Summer Floral Wear

Floral wear fashion

The summer season is finally here, and it is time to show off your fashion sense and enjoy the beauty of the season. Whether you are a dedicated gardener or just a devotee of fresh flowers, you can incorporate these colorful blooms into your summer wardrobe and enjoy a wonderful season with floral wear.


The great thing about flowers is that there are so many ways to incorporate them into the wardrobe you already own. There is no need to spend a fortune on new clothes for the summer season. All you need are a few creative ideas to spark your imagination and make your summer wardrobe more attractive. Here are some tips to get you started.


Give Yourself a Crown

If you have always longed to be a beauty queen, why not crown yourself in floral style this summer? A crown of fresh flowers will make you look and feel beautiful, and with so many summer blooms to choose from you can let your creativity shine through all season long.


A floral crown is also the perfect topper for those backyard barbecues and summer parties. You can even make enough for all your guests and hand them out as party favors.


The summer pageant at your child’s school is also a great time to show off your creativity and crown those young heads with flowers. Whether you get the kids together to make their own or buy them ready-made, everyone is sure to love this creative kind of floral wear.


Make Your Summer Hairdo Even Better with Floral Hair Pins

Whether you opt for a short cut in the summer or sport long a long flowing pony tail, you can make your warm weather hairdo even more attractive with a floral pin.


Just head down to the local craft store for the basic supplies, pick up a fresh bouquet of flowers on your way home and let your imagination run wild. You can experiment with different colors, sizes and styles until you have a collection worthy of the beautiful summer season.


Rings on Your Fingers

The right jewelry can make any outfit more beautiful, and rings are particularly versatile and fun to work with. You can make your favorite rings even better by adding fresh flowers to them and adorning your fingers in summer style.


Whether you wrap a fresh blossom around the ring or highlight them with an assortment of petals, you can make every outfit you wear look better with your creative set of summer rings.


Floral Bracelets

Whether you wear them on your wrist, your ankle or both, a floral bracelet really makes a statement. Bracelets with a floral motif are always in style, but they are particularly perfect for the summer season – when everything is in bloom and bright vibrant colors are everywhere.


You can also use fresh flowers to adorn your existing bracelets and make them more beautiful. Updating your old bracelets with new blooms can give them new life and give your summer wardrobe a fresh new look.


The summer season is the perfect time to enjoy the beauty of flowers, so let your creativity run wild. There is nothing like a fresh bouquet of flowers to freshen up your summer wardrobe and make the clothes you wear look better than ever before.


Stay fashioned.



Unique style. How to Always Be in Fashion, No Matter What’s on the Catwalk

Unique style

Keeping up with fashion trends can be tough. You might be too busy to shop or not have a big enough budget. Happily, there is a way to ensure you’re always fashionably dressed, even when you can’t buy what everyone else is wearing.


Time to shine


Have you ever noticed the chicest people have a unique style? They don’t wait for trends to develop; they invent them. These people are trendsetters rather than followers of fashion, and you can be like them. Develop a style instead of attempting to be like everyone else, and you’ll always be trendy.


Uncover your merits


Everyone has hidden gems, or qualities about them waiting to shine. Often, the things they try to hide are what needs to be emphasized if they are to make an impact. Think about the people in the spotlight you admire for their pizzazz. Are they conventionally good-looking? Those deemed fashionable and stylish make the most of their distinctive looks, and even point out what’s different about them:  a gap between front teeth isn’t hidden, wild hair isn’t tamed, and long legs aren’t swamped in material.


Examine your appearance and consider what’s unusual about you. What have you been trying to hide? Could the aspects of your appearance you’ve attempted to play down be your strong points?


Once you’ve uncovered what’s great about you, emphasize it as much as possible. Throw out garments that hide unusual aspects of your looks. Choose clothing that shows off your finest qualities and helps you make an impact.


Put outfits together differently to create unique style


The most glamorous and exciting people on the planet find beautiful garments and accessories and put them together in unusual ways. They don’t dress conservatively. They might choose clothes and styles from yesteryear and pair them with modern clothing and accessories. Also, they experiment, using clothing in ways they were not designed to be worn. For instance, a scarf may become a belt and a belt a bracelet that wraps up the arm of a full-sleeved blouse.


Find your signature garment


Fashionable people have signature clothes. They might always wear an outrageous hat or fitted jacket. Others can recognize them from afar because of how they dress, and no one else looks quite like them. Others may copy, but by the time they do so, it’s obvious where their ideas originated.


You don’t need wealth or the time to trawl fashion stores to be trendy. You can be fashionable if you find your style. Uncover hidden aspects of your looks that set you apart from others, and put outfits together in unusual ways. Also, choose a signature garment, and you’ll shine. Even if the rest of the world are wearing cotton and you’re dressed in silk, you’ll be a chic trendsetter.


Our 2018 fashion forecast


Enjoying Your vacation in Buffalo New York with style!

Enjoying Your vacation in Buffalo New York with style!

Buffalo style


When people think of New York, it’s often New York City that comes to mind, while Buffalo, known as the Queen City, is often overlooked. This beautiful and historic city deserves your time and attention, however, as 2017 will be one of its best summers yet. Whether you are a visitor or a native Buffalonian, you’ll be sure to find something fun to do in the Nickel City.




The Buffalo area has some of the best concerts around. The Canalside Concert Series, located at 44 Prime St. in Buffalo, features some of the hottest bands in the country. In addition to Canadian darlings USS, the Canalside series will be featuring the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, Ghostface Killah, and Dark Star Orchestra. At only $5 a ticket, it’s hard to beat the prices.


The Canalside series isn’t the only place to enjoy live music. Bands like the Arkells and New Politics will be playing at Artpark State Park, 450 S. Fourth St., in Lewiston. The Darien Lake Concerts are held right next to Darien Lake Amusement Park at 9993 Alleghany Road in Corfu. Darien Lake’s summer lineup includes Kings of Leon, Third Eye Blind, and Chance the Rapper.


Arts and Culture 

Shakespeare in Delaware Park has been a Buffalo institution since 1976. This summer, the theater company will be performing The Merry Wives of Windsor and Macbeth. Located at 199 Lincoln Parkway, Delaware Park is not only a beautiful place to play and enjoy shows, but it also has a tragic side, as it was where President William McKinley was assassinated in 1901. 


The Albright-Knox Art Gallery, right down the road from Delaware Park at 1285 Elmwood Ave., will be having a special exhibit devoted to the works of Joe Bradley, in addition to displaying their usual collections of stunning paintings.


Water Fun


There’s plenty of water to appreciate in the Buffalo and Niagara area. Whether you want to go to Niagara Falls and ride the famous Maid of the Mist, or relax on the Lockport Locks and Erie Canal Cruise, departing from 210 Market St. in Lockport, you’re sure to find something to enjoy. If you’re the more adventurous type, you may enjoy the Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours at 115 S. Water St., Lewiston. Here you can feel the full strength and power of the Niagara River.


Cars, Cars, and More Cars


If you enjoy looking at cars, then you’re in luck. There are several cruise nights in the Buffalo area. Lockport’s Optimists Club hosts the Monday Night Cruise Night on Park Avenue all summer long. You can also watch a movie from your car at the Transit Drive-In at 6655 S. Transit Road, also in Lockport. Step back in time, put on your best poodle skirt, and appreciate the simple joy of watching a double feature outdoors.




You can’t spend summer in Buffalo and not eat chicken wings. The Anchor Bar, where Buffalo wings were created, is open daily at 1047 Main St. Another Buffalo institution is Anderson’s. Whether you’re a fan of their custard, their beef on weck, or both, Anderson’s in a delicious part of Buffalo food culture.  Stop by their original location at 2634 Delaware Ave. Of course, you’ll have to stop for a few Super Mighties at Mighty Taco, which has several locations across the Western New York area, including 2363 Delaware Ave. in Buffalo. Don’t forget to get a Loganberry to drink as well. If you need food and aren’t in the mood to eat out, be sure to stop by Wegmans at 601 Amherst St. for all your grocery needs.


Buffalo’s unassuming charm and beautiful summer days makes it the perfect place to enjoy a summer. Come see the best that the Niagara region has to offer.

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6 Must Have Accessories to Make Your Summer Wardrobe Pop

6 Must Have Accessories to Make Your Summer Wardrobe Pop

Wardrobe accessories


The hot days of summer will soon be upon us, and now is the time to get your wardrobe in summer shape. By now you have probably completed your spring cleaning, donating the clothes that no longer work for you and organizing the rest for easy access. Now that the spring cleaning process is finally behind you, it is time to pick out the best summer clothes in your closet.


As you peruse your summer wardrobe, you will likely find a few missing pieces of attire. While you are busy organizing your summer clothes, take a minute to look over the accessories you have on hand and look for ways to make that summer wardrobe pop. Here are six must-have accessories that will make every item in your summer wardrobe look even better.

.   A great pair of summer sandals – A pair of comfortable sandals is the next best thing to going barefoot, so make user your summer sandal needs are covered. A stylish pair of beaded sandals is dressy enough for the office but fun enough for a day at the beach, so look for summer shoes that can do double duty.

.   A breezy sundress – Nothing feels better on a hot summer day, so make sure you have a fun and stylish sundress tucked away in your closet. You may want to invest in a number of different sundresses in various colors and lengths, so you can wear a new one every day of the week.

.   Fun costume jewelry – When summer comes, you can let your inner diva shine through with inexpensive but fun costume jewelry. From large spangle bracelets to long gemstone pendants to showy rings, there are plenty of things you can do with jewelry this summer.

.   An assortment of scarves – A great scarf can make your old summer outfit look brand new again, so grab a few and keep them in your closet. From bold floral prints to the understated elegance of solids and pastels, there are plenty of ways to incorporate scarves into your summertime wardrobe.

.   A floppy hat – Summer would not be summer without a large floppy straw hat. Your straw hat will look great at the beach, but it will also protect your delicate skin from the harsh rays of the sun. Make sure your beach bag is stocked with sunscreen, and a great summer hat.

.   A bold belt – From your elegant office wear to the aforementioned summer sundress, a bold belt will make any outfit pop. Choose an assortment of belts that will accent and complement your existing outfits. You can use those belts to make every outfit in your closet look brand new.



No matter where you live, the summer season is lots of fun. With abundant sunshine, weekend beach trips and and fun week-long road trips, the summer season offers plenty of diversions. You want to make sure your summer wardrobe is up to the job, and now is the time to go through your closet and make the necessary updates.


Be stylish everywhere