Say Hello to These 22 Fashion Trends of 2018

Say Hello to These 22 Fashion Trends of 2018


A new year on the calendar means a new year in fashion. Some styles change suddenly while others fade in and out over the years. Whether you prefer a classic, tailored look or something artistic and edgy, there is a trend for you this year. Here are 22 fashion trends of 2018.


Graphic Prints


Popular prints now feature repetition of realistic looking pictures. The prints can be of food items, pets or even art.


Look especially for prints based on retro paintings.


Pink and Red


Who says pink and red don’t match? You’ll see the unusual color combination everywhere this year. Try a hot pink blouse with red pants.


Huge Florals


Florals are almost always in style, and today’s florals are big, bold and bright. Wear them on a jumpsuit from head to toe or buy a pretty, floral top to pair with different pants and skirts.


Flowy White Dresses


When you think of dresses, think innocence, purity and romance. You’ll see long, pretty dresses in whites and ivories this year.


Dressed up Trench

Trench coats have made a big return to the fashion scene, but the look is still evolving. The trench coat right now isn’t the plain affair you’ve seen before. Now it’s all dressed up with frills, ruffles and extra belts.


Daytime Sparkles


There was a time when sequences only came out at night. That tide has turned, and now you can wear your dazzling, sparkling favorites any time of the day.


From tops to pants, sparkles are everywhere.


Shoulder Pads


Yes, the shoulder pad is back. You can make fun of those linebacker shoulders, but they do make your waist look tiny. Choose shoulder pads for jackets and chunky sweaters.


Clear Plastic


One of this year’s top fashion colors is clear. You’ll see right through the clear plastic in items like raincoats and boots.


Big Plaid


Plaid is big this year in more ways than one. You can wear plaid on just about any piece of apparel as long as you make sure the pattern is big.




You’re going to want more than just a hint of glitter on your accessories. Shoes, belts and bags are being covered in glitter so you are sure to shine.


The trick to this look is to pick just one glitter coated focus piece per outfit.


Black and White Polka Dots is one of most popular on Trends of 2018


If you’re overwhelmed by bright color, try going with a more traditional trend. Black and white polka dots are a classic pattern that is popular right now.


Fuzzy Jackets


No animals are harmed in the making of this outerwear. Furry jackets are fun, and they should look fake. It’s like wearing a teddy bear.


Wide Leg Pants


Skinny jeans are no longer the look of the moment. Instead, pant legs will be so wide that they will be hard to distinguish from skirts.


Structured Fanny Packs


Fanny packs are back, but they aren’t the shapeless blobs that were so popular 30 years ago. Modern fanny packs look like you have a tiny purse strapped around your waist.




Soften the bold colors this year with pastels. You’ll see pretty pieces in shades like mint, lavender and palest pink.


Dark Denim


Denims are getting darker. The hottest shade is a blue so dark that it’s almost black. You can rock this look from head to heels in a matching jacket and jeans or a denim dress.




These little French hats will be all over fashion forward heads this year.


Patent Leather


Shiny patent leather is a fabric choice that makes a statement. It’s typically seen in black but can be found in bold colors as well.


Square Necklines


Rounded necklines will be getting some edges this year. The neckline of the year is square, which is flattering to a variety of shapes and can go deep or shallow.




This colorful symbol of joy is a detail you’ll see on many different types of fashion. Rainbows just make people happy.


Parachute Belts


Parachute belts close in a way that can be easily loosened or tightened, and they will be featured on all types of outfits.


For an especially trendy look, wear more than one parachute belt or buy a long one and wrap it around your body multiple times.


Elbow length gloves


Go glamorous with elegant gloves that stretch to your elbows. You can wear the traditional white or get creative with all kinds of colors.


Fashions change, and trends rise and fall. From basic to glam, these are 22 top fashion trends for 2018. Which of them best suits your personal style, and which will find a place in your wardrobe this year?


Trends of 2018 – Spring trends

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Fantastic after 40

Looking Fantastic after 40


Fantastic after 40. While wisdom might come with age, so do wrinkles, crow’s feet, saggy skin, and some other beauty problems as well. Your body is continually changing as you grow old, and many of these differences aren’t as pleasant or positive as you might like. Fortunately, you do have options when it comes to preventing the signs of aging or at least the ability to slow down their development. Here are a few fashion and beauty tips for looking fantastic after 40.


Get a New Hair Color


Whether or not you see the signs of early graying, you might want to change the color of your hair. As the most prominent feature of your head, your hair draws a lot of attention. Switching its color goes a long way to making you look younger and more beautiful.


Change Your Hairstyle


Keeping your hair styled in the same manner won’t prevent you from looking older as wrinkles, liver spots, and dry patches of skin appear. If you want to impress people with your appearance, you might consider getting a new hairstyle. For the best results, consult a professional hair stylist who can suggest the best look for you.


Update Your Wardrobe


While new accessories or a new sweater might be enough to keep you happy, they aren’t always successful in hiding your age. In addition to seeking out new clothing, take the time to experiment with a few new fashion choices. Switching up your colors and styles might just make you look younger while enhancing your natural beauty. Make sure you avoid baggy forms even if you are trying to hide a few bulges; they detract from your attractiveness and can add years to your appearance.


Purchase Sexy Footwear


Perhaps one of the fastest ways to make yourself look younger, a pair of sexy shoes or boots can certainly earn you a few compliments. You don’t need to slip on a pair of stilettos either to highlight slim legs. Any pair of nicely designed shoes can easily enhance your appearance.


Treat Your Skin to Nourishing Creams, Lotions, and Ointments


Creating a quality skin-care regimen aimed at thwarting wrinkles from developing in the first place is your best course of action if you are trying to continue looking youthful after your fortieth birthday. Choose products designed for your skin type as well as for the problems you are treating or trying to prevent. In addition to using a selection of nourishing creams, lotions, and ointments to keep your skin soft, remember to include a variety of skin cleansers, toners, and anti-aging treatments to encourage healthy, supple skin.


Cover Up Varicose Veins


While even young women can develop the unsightly signs of varicose veins, this possibility becomes more likely with age. Since varicose veins typically appear on the legs and ankles, wearing long skirts, slacks, and dark-colored leggings can help to hide their ugliness.


Hide the Wrinkles, Creases, and Sags


When all else fails, hide wrinkles and turkey necks with creative fashion choices. Turtleneck sweaters, collared shirts, and scarves offer the perfect opportunity to conceal wrinkly necks, while hats and sunglasses can handily cover up a few facial lines, especially around the corners of the eyes. Of course, you can also select fashion tops with long sleeves to cover up any unsightly blemishes or wrinkles on your arms as well.


Lose a Few Pounds


Losing weight is a challenging task, but it is one that can take a few years off your appearance. Consider cutting out high-calorie foods, alcohol, or sugary drinks to get you started toward a thinner you. Also, begin an exercise routine designed to boost your metabolism.


It might not be easy to continue looking as fit and gorgeous as you did at 30, but it indeed is possible. The most important point to remember is that doing nothing won’t help you at all, so just try a few different strategies until you find the ones that work for you.

Look Fantastic after 40!!



What to Expect During an Eyebrow Restoration Procedure


Your Guide to Microneedling

Your Guide to Microneedling

If you’ve ever wished for a procedure that could actually erase wrinkles, age spots, and acne scars (not just hide them), microneedling may be perfect for you. Unlike fillers and Botox that mask the problem for a limited amount of time and an unlimited amount of money, microneedling stimulates collagen growth and skin repair to fix your most egregious flaws.


Who (Guide to Microneedling)


Microneedling is an excellent option for most people, spanning all skin types and all skin colors. Of course, there is a small group of people for which this procedure may not suit, such as those with cystic acne, cancer, or skin infection. But, for the masses, microneedling can be considered a one-size-fits-all solution–the fountain of youth in a tiny needle.


You are likely an ideal candidate, even if you currently use fillers or have had other procedures. A quick consultation with your microneedling expert will clear up any questions you may have.


What Guide to Microneedling


Microneedling can be used to refine and unclog pores, as well as for wrinkle reduction, skin thickening skin, scar filling, and removal of sun spots and acne scars. Although one session will show results, a short series of three courses spaced four weeks apart will maximize the benefits.




Selecting your microneedling expert is critical, as not all providers are the same, and likewise, neither will the benefits achieved be the same. Do your research and don’t settle for a provider simply because they are close geographically or because you found them on Groupon.


Your best bet is to find a medical spa run by an actual doctor. Whether the doctor administers the procedure is less relevant, but the credibility of the office is very important. Read reviews, get a feel for the place, and go with your gut.


The Procedure


By now, you’ve seen the before and after pictures and are convinced of the benefits of microneedling, not just for your skin but also for your wallet. In the long run, the cost of microneedling is far less than a lifetime of filler injections. But what can you expect for the procedure?


In general terms, you can expect to invest a couple of hours. Your face will be cleansed and exfoliated upon arrival, to which a numbing gel will be applied. This process is necessary as the procedure involves (you guessed it) needles.


There is no need to be overwhelmed; these are microneedles, meaning they are very tiny. The numbing gel helps to ensure your comfort during the procedure. You will likely feel some pressure and pricking, but it is nothing that registers a moderate or severe on the pain scale.


The procedure involves a handheld tool housing the microneedles gliding over your skin. Upon completion, the attendant will wipe your face and apply a moisturizing gel.

That’s it! Guide to Microneedling


The Recovery


You will be told that recovery takes one or two days and involves a mild redness, like a sunburn. However, this is only part of the recovery process. Depending on the setting your provider chose (low, medium, or high), your recovery may be longer or shorter. This is further impacted by your age (younger skin heals faster).


In reality, your skin will be red immediately following the microneedling procedure. This will likely be the hue you stay for a few days, along with swelling in the first 24 hours. As your skin heals, some areas may heal faster than others, resulting in a streaky appearance on the second and third days. As the redness subsides, your skin will begin to flake and peel. This can last another couple of days.


Recovery may last up to five days before revealing healthier, smoother, younger-looking skin. You will not want to go out in public for the first couple of days. Ritual application of gentle moisturizer every few hours will ease side effects and promote healing.


Once you see your fantastic skin, you will be hooked on microneedling. Yes, there is downtime, and yes, it’s somewhat uncomfortable. However, few non-surgical procedures can produce such long-lasting results. And these results are from actual healing and correction of your skin problems, not just a cover-up. You likely will find microneedling worth your investment of time and money.


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What to Expect During an Eyebrow Restoration Procedure

What to Expect During an Eyebrow Restoration Procedure

Eyebrow Restoration

Both men and women can have thin or absent eyebrows due to genetic causes or scarring. The issue is more common in women who may over-pluck or wax their eyebrows, leaving bald patches as a result. Regardless of the reason the eyebrows aren’t as full as desired, eyebrow restoration can resolve the problem.


The procedure uses the patient’s own hair for the transplant, which typically comes from behind the ear. This may involve the removal of anywhere from 50 to 200 tiny individual hairs. Eyebrow restoration is an outpatient procedure that takes from two to four hours to complete. Patients receive a general anesthesia to numb the area first.

Hair Restoration Doctors Consider the Existing Aesthetics of the Face


An eyebrow restoration is one part artistry and one part medical procedure. Before implanting new hairs into the patient’s eyebrow, the physician must consider the following:


  • Facial shape


  • Facial features


  • Current and desired arch shape


  • Length of brows


  • Space between brows


  • Desired thickness of the eyebrows after restoration is complete


Some people prefer non-surgical methods of eyebrow restoration, such as tattooing, dying, or using an eyebrow pencil. However, these temporary solutions often appear unnatural.


Recovery from the Eyebrow Restoration Procedure


Redness, tenderness, and swelling are common after undergoing eyebrow restoration. These effects should disappear within a few days. The transplanted areas of each eyebrow will crust over, which may cause itching in some people. It’s essential for patients to protect the newly transplanted eyebrow hairs from direct sunlight for the first few days after surgery and to exercise caution when washing them.


The new eyebrow hairs should begin falling out approximately two to three weeks after the transplant. This is normal. Within about three months, new eyebrow hair grows and fills in the spots left previously occupied by the transplanted hairs. As long as the patient properly cares for his or her new eyebrows, there should be no need to repeat the procedure in the future.


How To Deal With Your Unwelcome Hair Laser Hair Removal – Safely and Effectively


Kay Alexander Cosmetics’ Lipstick Shades of 2018

Kay Alexander Cosmetics’ Lipstick Shades of 2018


This classy deep red is the perfect shade to pair with your favourite evening dress. The next time you attend a wedding, reach for this lipstick to top off your gorgeously posh look.


Let your co-workers know you mean business with this bold yet elegant red. It will give you a professional and confident appearance in the office, and it’s perfect for all-day wear with its hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, paraben-free, and ultra-hydrating formula.


Have you been searching for that one bright and sexy colour that will make any outfit pop? Look no further than this highly pigmented orangey red, an absolute must-have for your next girl’s night out.


Before you head out to run errands like the productive gal you are, treat yourself to this pretty light plum shade. Wear it with your favourite casual outfit to add a little fun to your daytime routine.


Impress your friends and family with this pastel mauve lipstick the next time you go out for brunch. A soft yet bold daytime shade, it’s especially ideal during the spring season.


This lipstick will become your go-to for exuding confidence and sophistication. Indulge in this alluring plum colour on your next dinner date.


Look good and feel good all night long with this hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and paraben-free formula. Wear this daringly dark matte lipstick to your next gala or formal evening celebration.


Show off your effortless natural beauty with this matte beige lipstick. Wear it the next time you’re heading to the beach to complete your sultry, relaxed look.


Embody innocence and sweetness with this traditional pink, the perfect lipstick for making a good impression on your boyfriend’s loved ones. Pamper your lips with its hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and paraben-free formula before attending dinner with his family.


Wear this simple red when you have an eventful and unpredictable day ahead. It’s the ultimate shade for transitioning seamlessly between “daytime neutral” and “nighttime bold.”


Take the opportunity to show off your carefree side by wearing this summery peach shade to an outdoor picnic. It’s the perfect lipstick to apply before a day of fun in the sun.


Forget the coffee; this eye-popping peach is sure to give you a dose of energy while you’re busy working on a creative task. Whether it’s brainstorming for an upcoming work project or planning an event, get some artsy inspiration with this stimulating shade.


Every girl needs a neutral lipstick that reflects her professional attitude and intelligence. Own your cool, calm, and collected demeanour with this shade during your next job interview or workplace meeting.


Channel your inner child with this stunning baby pink. Whether you’re young at heart or more conservative, wear it the next time you’re planning on spending the day at an amusement park to immerse yourself in the adventure ahead!


Express yourself by applying this brilliant pink the next time you attend a concert. Not only will it set the mood for a night of singing your heart out, it’s sure to make you stand out from the crowd.


Feeling love-struck? This pink shade is ideal for when you’re attending a romantic and creative event. Wear it the next time you go to a play or movie with your significant other and become the star of the show.


Start your day with confidence when you apply this classic shade. Gorgeous and fitting for every season and occasion, get ready to make this pretty neutral pink your new everyday lipstick whether you’re heading to work or spending the day with friends.


Nothing says “trendsetter” like this berry pink shade. Apply it before you go shopping for some fashion inspiration, and don’t forget to own every outfit you try on.


Work hard, play hard: Celebrate the weekend or your next day off work with this daring bright pink. This colour will reflect your wild side and rebellious spirit no matter what your plans are.



Trend forecast 2018





Three Fashion Trends Proven Dangerous by Science

Dangerous fashion?

In 2014, Emma Watson gave an interview to the Sunday Times in which she stated that the fashion industry is “unhealthy”. She may be right. Fashion is a billion dollar industry — most people think that being in style makes them look better — but most people don’t realize that certain trends can pose major health risks. Here are three fashion trends that can be hazardous to your health.


High Heels


High heels are stylish and can boost your confidence, but experts confirm they also bring major health risks. High heels force your feet into unnatural positions and put all your body weight on your toes. According to a study published in the International Journal of Clinical Practice, wearing high heels for too long can weaken your ankles due to the extreme pressure the shoes place on them.


Along with damaging your ankles, high heels also increase your risk of developing osteoarthritis. A study conducted by Stanford University suggests that wearing high heels for too long can damage knee joints. In a study published in the Journal of Orthopedic Research, researchers selected 14 women and monitored their knees while they were walking wearing different types of shoes. Researchers found that higher heels put extreme pressure on the knees and concluded that the strain can damage knee joints.




Tattooing is a popular fashion trend, with an estimated $1.6 billion spent annually on tattoos in the US alone. Statistics show that one in five people in the US has a tattoo, but science offers many reasons to live with your natural skin.


In a study conducted by the Langone Medical Center, senior researcher Dr. Marie Leger recruited approximately 300 tattooed participants aged 18 to 69. She found that six percent of the participants suffered from tattoo-induced infection, skin irritation or swelling.


Tattooing also carries risks of diseases like HIV, hepatitis B and C and other blood-borne diseases. Dirty needles and harmful chemicals in tattoo ink are the biggest culprits.


Skinny Jeans


Skinny jeans are one of the most popular fashion trends in the world. So many celebrities wear them that many people follow the trend. However, there are risks associated with skinny jeans.


Rumors of skinny jeans causing health problems started when a 35-year old woman fell in Adelaide Park because the pressure of her jeans blocked blood flow to her calf muscles. This was not a rare incident. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission reported more than 80,000 pants-related injuries in 2014.


Skinny jeans that are tight enough to interfere with blood circulation can create a variety of health issues. A study conducted by the experts of TENA Men found that 50% of men who wear tight skinny jeans suffer from groin pain and 25% experience bladder-related health problems.


People have done and worn crazy things in the name of fashion, and most trends are harmless. But the fact that everyone wears high heels and skinny jeans or has a tattoo does not mean these trends are safe. Following fashion can mean risking your health and well-being just to be in style.

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