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Visiting The UK? What Clothes Should You Pack for the British Weather?

Visiting The UK? Don’t Know Which British Weather Clothes Are Suitable?

British weather clothes… If you’re planning a trip to the UK, you may be wondering what clothes to pack for British weather. The country is well-known for its miserably wet climate, of course, and you’ve probably got your umbrella packed ready, but it’s more complicated than that – you could be in for a heatwave, or at least a dry spell. Then again, you might hit a spate of thunderstorms or a vicious attack of hail – even in summer. The real problem with the British weather is that it’s unpredictable, so use this general guide to help you prepare for all possibilities.


British weather clothes for Spring

 Spring takes a while to get going in the UK, so if you’re travelling there in March, April or May when the spring flowers are out, be prepared for icy showers as well as warm sunshine. Bring a reliable waterproof coat and plenty of warm layers to wear underneath. Even May can be cloudy and chilly, but be ready for scorching days in between.


British weather clothes for Summer

This is probably the most unpredictable season in the UK. There’s always a gorgeous, hot spell or two somewhere in the season, but there’s no knowing when, so if you’re visiting between May and early September, bring your summer clothes, but slip a raincoat, long-sleeved top and sweater in your bag, too. On sunny days, the heat is usually dry and pleasant, especially in the early mornings and the long, light evenings. Take a light jacket for after-dark, outdoor parties.


British weather clothes for Autumn

September to mid-November is a time of turbulent weather in the UK. Expect thunderstorms and wild gales one day and calm, blue skies the next, and perhaps a blanket of fog or a steady drizzle of rain the day after that. But autumn is always chilly, and as winter approaches, you’ll be glad of your hood or hat, thick socks and sturdy shoes. Wellies would be useful, too, but are cumbersome to travel with, so buy them over there.


British weather clothes for Winter

 In the UK, winter kicks in during the second half of November and lasts until about the end of February, so if your stay is scheduled for that time, wrap up ready. You’ll feel the cold air bite as you step out of your hotel door, so bring your thermals and all your winter accessories – hat, scarf, gloves and substantial shoes or boots. The roads are often icy and occasionally snow-covered at this time, and freezing fog is common, but there will be bright, sunny days to enjoy, too.


Regional variations

If you’re heading to Scotland, be prepared for cold temperatures and extreme weather at all times of year. But summer has its heat-waves and beautiful, warm days, too, even that far north, so take T-shirts and shorts then, as well as sweaters and rainwear. On fine, summer days, the light lasts late into the evening in Scotland, so you’ll want to be dressed to enjoy it.


Wales is known for its rain, but is conveniently mild, with a fair amount of sunshine, too. London and the southeast are relatively dry and crisp, but you’ll still need your rainwear. If you’re on the lookout for the warmest, mildest place, head to the south coast.


The simple solution is to take clothes for all weathers. Pack garments of different thicknesses that you can pile on and pull off as need be, with rain-wear to go on top, and you’ll be fine. If you’re prepared for whatever the skies bring, you can g enjoy the UK’s sights and scenes to the full.




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