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Beautiful Fuller Figure Swimwear

Beautiful Fuller Figure Swimwear


If you’re heading to the beach on your next vacation, you’ll be looking forward to a refreshing splash in the sea and some serious sunbathing. But perhaps you’re one of the many women who feel uncomfortable about stripping down to a swimsuit or bikini in public. Exposing a full figure or unwanted roll of flesh can be particularly tricky for some women, but if that’s your worry, you can forget it right now, because a full figure can look stunning in swimwear. All you need is a little reassurance and inspiration, which you’ll find here. There are all sorts of beautiful designs to complement the plus-size figure, so here’s a quick summary, to set you catalog-browsing:


Skirts and fringes


A popular option for the fuller figure is a swimsuit with a light flounce over the hips, which will give you a graceful curve, softening the outline of your waist and lower body. For more coverage, choose a costume with a more extended skirt, overhanging flounce or a coverup dress in a light fabric. Swimsuits or bikini bottoms that extend into shorts offer another stylish solution for thigh cover, and you’ll also find costumes with extensions at the top end, over the cleavage, which some women welcome.


Floaty sleeves for Fuller Figure Swimwear


There are plenty of beachwear designs that provide arm cover, should you be interested. You’ll find swimsuits with light, dainty drapes over the shoulders, and others with loose sleeves of various lengths that will billow prettily in the sea breeze. For extra covering, keep a fine, chiffon shawl or lacy scarf handy to throw over your shoulders.


Contours and shapely patterns for Fuller Figure Swimwear


A streamlined pattern or contour line will give your figure a slim look, and you’ll find plenty of designs from which to choose. Downward stripes, streaks or beaded ribs are particularly useful, especially with an inward curve at the waist. A strip of contrasting color across the collarbone can also help, adding shape to the breast line. Some designs provide a tapering effect by being paler at the top and darker below.  A brightly patterned fabric will also draw attention away from your body while adding a festive, holiday look.


Elegant accessories for Fuller Figure Swimwear


A broad, flowing sash around the waist will draw the eye away from your figure and also obscure unwanted bulges in the area. Some swimsuits offer this accessory, but you can equally well provide your own. Make sure it’s long, wide, and flowing so that it can swing down generously over hip and thigh. A long, light cape or jacket will also add grace while veiling the body.  Many swimwear designs include fluttery collars, fringes, and borders, arranged strategically for different effects, but you could also supply your own, in the form of ribbons, tassels, scarves, wrap-over skirts and other light accessories. You may wish to show one part of your body while covering another, so look for a fringe that serves your needs. A wide-brimmed sunhat will also be kind to the figure, bathing shoulders, neck, and breast in dappled shade.


With all these gorgeous possibilities to complement your figure, you’ll be itching to choose your holiday beachwear. Browse online or in the stores for your favorite garments, making sure the price suits you as well as the outfit. Then you can head to the beach and strip down, not just with confidence, but with pride.


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