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3 Reasons Why People Get Too Attached Soon

3 Reasons Why People Get Too Attached Soon


New relationships are incredibly exciting. When you first meet someone new, you open up a world of all sorts of new and incredible possibilities. Imagine how amazing it is to meet someone who likes the same things you do, or wants to hang out all the time. You probably start texting at every waking moment and maybe call them every night or every other night.


Things are going swimmingly at first, but then something happens: you start to get a little too attached. One missed call or text message might not seem like a big deal at first, but the fears and anxieties begin to eat away at your self-confidence. Small things become larger issues as you begin to realize just how attached you are to your partner.


Attachment is a completely normal thing, but if left unchecked, can cause some serious relationship problems. Of course, people in romantic relationships should have feelings for their significant other. However, it becomes an issue when people become too dependent on their partner. Here are some common reasons people in relationships get attached too soon:


Fear of Being Alone


Some people jump into relationships to find someone to ease the pain of loneliness. Human beings are social animals that need to form bonds with other people in order to feel satisfied and happy with their lives. However, many people have an unhealthy dependency on avoiding loneliness, which leads them to a string of unfulfilling and unhappy relationships. It’s easy to get caught up in this trap. Everybody likes the comfort of another person, but that’s not a reason you should enter a relationship.


Emotional Support


Some people just want someone to be there to listen to them when they’re sad, angry, or scared. After all, what are friends and partners for? However, things can quickly go south when one person depends on the other for little more than a shoulder to cry on. People who have deep-seated emotional issues often put misplaced trust in their romantic partners. Your partner will be there to listen to you and comfort you in times of need, but you also need to be strong enough to make lasting changes in your personal life.


Need Validation


It’s not uncommon for folks to constantly seek reassurance in their relationship. Once again, this is an example of people’s insecurities affecting their relationships with other people. It’s a normal process, especially considering how emotional relationships can be. However, everyone should develop self-confidence and self-esteem rather than relying on external validation to feel good about themselves. Your partner should help you become the very best that you can be, but the responsibility to make change still ultimately lies on your shoulders.




Getting attached too early in a relationship is often a surefire sign of trouble. It doesn’t mean your relationship is doomed to fail, but you don’t want to drive away your partner by being too attached. High levels of attachment often lead to clingy behavior, which is something that nobody likes. Examine the reasons you feel so attached to your partner. Oftentimes, you’ll notice that there are deep-seated insecurities within yourself that must be addressed. Remember that improving yourself – your health, finance, communication, personality, education, or anything else – will make you a more valuable partner in a relationship. Bringing out the best in yourself will help bring out the best in the other person.


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