• Velvet bomber

  • Jeans jacket

  • Strapless jumpsuit

  • Elegant one

  • Freedom on your feet

  • Diva shoes



We want to simply introduce for you all – we are three girls from Europe! That are interested in fashion from the whole world! We search for new trends! Good prices! And recommend everything for you! So you’re welcome to look around! And maybe also buy something that you like!

Simple super elegant set for you

Simple and super elegant dress for you I believe, that every girl is obsessed with all kind of dresses. So do I. Today I took my laptop and start searching for all kind of styles, new trends, sets and etc. And you know what? No matter what, at the end I still catch myself looking […]Read more


Summertime trend

Hi everyone! Today I want to recommend you one of my favorite things for summer – high waist shorts! I want to show you what seems very beautiful for me with them. First of all, you will look very gorgeous with them! Do not be afraid to show your beautiful legs, girls!! Also, I promise, […]Read more


Free time with your pet!

Hello for all, Today I was spending my free sunday time with my dog, so I decided to show you what fits best for me to feel comfortable and beautiful at the same time. Starting from shoes – this is my one of the favorites sneakers. You can choose color and it will look absolutely […]Read more


Warm spring lunch

Hi there! Today I was going for lunch with my girls and decided, that jumpsuit is the best thing to choose for warm day! I think, that these colors won’t be very hype, but it will attract everyone eyes to you. So I recommend you these sand color which is one of my favorites! I’m […]Read more


Late night walk

Hello girls, Today I want to show you one of my favorite combinations for this spring! I think that when sun is up and cold weather is far away – we should be elegant and feel free. This sleeveless dress is amazing – it is not very long, but you will feel free and comfortable. […]Read more